J. Flynn Newtons CameraSelfies

CameraSelfies® are receiving growing attention in the media. They have been presented on CNN.com, in the french LUI, italian La Reppublica, LensCulture, PetaPixel, 500px editors choice, german photography magazines and newspapers as well as others.

Currently selected, curated and limited CameraSelfies® are available on various online art platforms like Werkladen, Saatchi Art, Seen.By, Artsy, to name a few.

Besides these online appearances it would be great to receive - and we are open to - suggestions for exhibitions in the "real world"... so: if you are a gallery owner interested to present the works please don't hesitate to contact J. Flynn Newton alias J. F. Novotny:  jfn(at)jfnovotny.com

Thank you!

Exhibition situation
Exhibition situation
CameraSelfies TWENTYFIVE by Jürgen Novotny
CameraSelfies TWENTYFIVE